Tetra Tech EC, Inc. at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Media Coverage about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Date Source Media
2020 January 17 Office of the Mayor, San Francisco Panel of Experts Confirm Hunters Point is Safe
2019 July 17 San Francisco Examiner More Housing Approved for Hunters Point
2019 June 27 EIN Newsdesk Tetra Tech EC wins legal case at Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco
2019 April 19 San Francisco Examiner Navy report finds ‘no radiological health risk’ on Treasure Island
2019 March 26 U.S. Navy Navy reaffirms Tetra Tech EC’s work at Treasure Island performed properly
2019 March 21 Oakland News Now Tetra Tech EC is winning credibility battle at Hunters Point Shipyard
2019 February 28 Oakland News Now Tetra Tech EC wins initial victory in Hunters Point case at NRC
2019 February 27 San Francisco Chronicle Hunters Point Shipyard whistle-blowers are misleading the public
2019 February 6 CBS San Francisco New report states former Hunters Point Shipyard free of health hazards
2018 July 27 Oakland News Now Clean-up done to Navy standards
2018 May 30 San Francisco Chronicle Officials endorse shipyard’s safety
2018 May 24 KTVU Fox 2 Tetra Tech EC discusses work at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the company’s offer to pay for re-testing
2018 May 17 San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed: Tetra Tech EC’s work at Hunters Point was done properly
2018 May 9 San Francisco Examiner Navy maintains Parcel A is clean
2018 April 27 East Bay Times Republic Services forcefully denied that any radioactive soil made it into the landfill
2018 April 25 San Francisco Business Journal Environmental cleanup contractor says Hunters Point work was done by the book
2018 April 24 SFGate Tetra Tech EC stands by its work at Hunters Point Shipyard