Tetra Tech EC, Inc. at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Response to DOJ Complaints: Tetra Tech EC Stands by Its Work at Hunters Point Shipyard

Tetra Tech EC, Inc. (Tetra Tech EC) stands by its work at Hunters Point. The work performed was thorough, appropriate, and overseen by the Navy and federal, state, and local environmental and health regulatory agencies to ensure compliance and public safety.

Tetra Tech EC will vigorously defend its record and is confident it will prevail following an impartial and transparent legal and scientific review of the facts.

The misleading claims made by alleged “whistleblowers” stem from isolated acts by two rogue employees during the 2011-2012 timeframe. Tetra Tech EC immediately conducted an extensive investigation and took a number of corrective actions, summarized in a report submitted to the Navy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in 2012 and finalized in 2014 with Navy and NRC input. Throughout this process, Tetra Tech EC was fully transparent with the Navy, the NRC, and federal, state, and local regulators that oversaw its work.

Following these events, new procedures were put in place by Tetra Tech EC to prevent the recurrence of any misconduct. The Navy’s own independent review concluded: “The Navy’s contractor (Tetra Tech EC) corrected identified deficient conditions and incorporated additional (quality control) steps to avoid recurrence.” The NRC also fully investigated the matter and concluded that Tetra Tech EC management was not involved in any misconduct. All of these investigations concluded that the data issues identified in 2012 were isolated instances of misconduct by low-level rogue employees.