Tetra Tech EC, Inc. at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Navy Expresses Interest in Tetra Tech’s Offer to Pay for and Hire Independent Contractor to Re-test Its Work at Hunters Point Shipyard

San Francisco—The Navy has responded and shown interest in an offer made by Tetra Tech EC, Inc. (TtEC) to hire an independent, third-party contractor at the company’s expense and re-test its work to provide assurances to the Navy and community that the cleanup was properly done and conforms to Navy standards.

TtEC was responsible for remediating approximately 22 percent of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, but false claims made by a plaintiffs’ attorney and his clients that the work was not done properly have led to false and misleading speculation and community concern.

On April 24, 2018, Tetra Tech CEO Dan L. Batrack wrote a letter to letter to U.S. Navy representative Ms. Laura Duchnak, Director, Navy BRAC PMO West, making the offer that the company stands by its work at Hunters Points and that testing the soil, rather than speculating about it, will demonstrate Tetra Tech’s work was valid and the areas it remediated meet Navy standards and are safe.

“We want the Hunters Point community and the Navy to know that Tetra Tech stands by its work at Hunters Point. While there has been wild speculation regarding the data collected at the site, we believe that any concerns can be directly addressed by actually re-testing and analyzing the areas in question,”  Batrack wrote.

To assure the Navy and community of the quality and appropriateness of its work, TtEC offered to pay for an independent, third-party contractor to validate its work to demonstrate it was performed properly and to the Navy’s specifications, and also clear up the concerns that the transportation and disposal of soils from the site were done properly and safely to Navy standards.

Tetra Tech said it is “…fully confident that a fact-based, scientific, and independent analysis will prove the claims against us are false. We believe the results of the re-testing will demonstrate the validity and accuracy of our work, dispel the many misleading claims that have been made, and restore public confidence in the site cleanup process.”

The company said the re-testing process should be transparent to ensure credibility and trust is created. Thus, Tetra Tech recommends in its offer to the Navy that other observers oversee the independent re-testing process.

CEO Batrack concluded in the company’s offer letter to the Navy that “we are proud of Tetra Tech’s professionalism, stand by the quality of our work, and are committed to ensuring the safety of the Hunters Point community. We believe our offer will help re-establish the credibility of our work, and allow the community to see firsthand the data and results of an impartial, transparent re-testing program.”

Tetra Tech has received numerous awards for its work. Among those awards are 31 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards for its projects; 19 Secretary of the Navy Energy Awards for its Navy projects; and 7 Presidential Energy Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management. In 2018 the Los Angeles District of the Small Business Administration awarded Tetra Tech the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence for mentoring and subcontracting small businesses in federal procurement. In 2016 the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) selected Tetra Tech as the recipient of its SAME Large Business Award. In 2012 the company received the American Council of Engineering Companies’ highest award—The Grand Conceptor—for the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal – Lake Borgne Surge Barrier in New Orleans. The National Safety Council awarded Dan Batrack its 2012 “CEOs Who Get It” award for the firm’s companywide safety excellence. Since 2008 the Environmental Business Journal has given Tetra Tech several awards in its Large Business category for achievement in growth and acquisitions.