Tetra Tech EC, Inc. at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Statement by Dr. William Brownlie, Tetra Tech Chief Engineer, at April 25, 2018, Press Conference

First and foremost, I want to report that Tetra Tech fully stands by the work of our subsidiary Tetra Tech EC, Inc., that has been helping clean up Hunters Point Naval Shipyard since 2002.

We want to assure the residents and neighbors of Hunters Point that what we did was proper and followed all the Navy and regulator guidelines, protocols, and work plans. Along with many other contractors, we have worked hard to clean up and make the shipyard safe for future use. Since 2002, that has been our primary goal.

We believe that any concerns created by false claims can be addressed by actually re-sampling and analyzing the areas in question. Therefore, Tetra Tech is offering to pay for an independent, third-party contractor to validate our work and to demonstrate that it was performed properly and to the Navy’s specifications.

The Navy can choose any contractor to perform the work. We are fully confident that a scientific, fact-based, and independent re-sampling analysis will prove the claims against us are false.

We are proud of the high standards and professionalism that we provide to thousands of federal and commercial customers each year. This includes our work at Hunters Point for more than 15 years. In our 51 years in business, our work has been performed to the highest professional standards, and I will point out that we perform more than 60,000 projects each year.

The most important message I have today is that we have worked hard to make Hunters Point safe for the community and residents and for redevelopment. It is unfortunate that the false allegations that have been brought against us may result in unnecessary delays in the redevelopment process. We are committed to providing whatever support is needed to move this process forward. We are convinced that the results of the re-testing that we propose to support will demonstrate the validity and accuracy of our work, dispel the false and misleading claims that have been made, and restore public confidence in the site cleanup process.

I have been with Tetra Tech for 37 years, and I know the men and women who managed this project. I know that they do excellent work and to the highest ethical standards. I am confident that when this property is re-tested it will demonstrate that the work was done properly and to the standard that the Navy and regulators required.